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Thoughts on "mind control" and personality "fragments"

At least in following uses of "fragment" i mean part of personality which is mostly one stereotypical response towards certain things. Most if not all memories can be considered fragments as attention can deal with small amount of data at same time. People seem to change depending what they recently reminded themselves. Like mirror fragment those memory fragments are reflecting reality differently.

People almost inevitably have many competing fragments in them with various helpful or destructive effects. They don't even have to be believed by person. For example if someone lives in dictatorship or cult which threatens critics then people try to create apparent supporter/fragment of dangerous organization for safety reasons who is shown to others to evade torture or death. Usually it doesn't matter how much they hate dictator as some part of their behavior puts on show of support for survival. And like with communist and nazi dictatorships proved many outsiders were quickly made to insist that this apparent support is sincere show of support and these dictators are so clever they can turn almost all people to fanatical supporters no matter how miserable these "supporters" look in front of camera. Media has stubbornly to this day often insisted that dictators have real fanatical support from close to all people. It probably serves as global version of divide and conquer where lies keep people from cooperating. And so outside masses were made to look like gullible idiots who believe such brainwashing is amazingly powerful so they would be likely to try and learn this skill.

Many fragments seem busy keeping person alive by evading dangerous activity and trying to fight such behavior off  from mind can seem like going towards suicide.
Similar fragments seem to cooperate. Drugs tend to create cravings for others drugs etc. Angry, generous, happy and other fragments can draw attention to other fragments with similar traits which should be considered during interrogations.

Common belief in separate good and evil or bad side within also shatters personalities and causes memory loss in the form of competing fragments within where one attitude evades memories like bad side not knowing reasons to be good or better at this situation and "good" sides convincing persons they are good and not responsible of worst character traits as that's just evil force which is out of persons control.

Passive and active sides also are controlled by attitudes that are not overlapping. Lazy fragments causing stress when deprived from passivity and active fragments unhappy if being lazy.

Cutting and isolating mind fragments cuts them from influence from self censoring sides of personality and such behavior causes stress.   

Biological clock and memory are somehow connected in ways that people feel urge to do similar things at same parts of day so in way some fragments wake at certain times while they don't distract during other parts of days so self control needs change through hours.


Way more stealthier way could be use of media to create many "fragments". People are shown how to behave in which situation but most likely these advices are self-defeating and unproductive but they lure people by seemingly respectable people advising them to do. 
Some music videos create feeling listener already has what was desired and what they work/strive
towards so maybe they don't bother improving their lives. Millionaire celebrities seem to praise
them already. These satisfied fragments in thinking can reduce likelihood of  people trying to improve things. Instead they aspire to be improved versions of pop celebrities that look childish or immature and yet get paid millions.

Emotions may be tried to be cancelled out by creating opposite viewpoints to real ones and representing them as equal as possible so those who don't know better will have 2 opposing ideas that cancel each other out and leave behind mostly apathy.

Some fragments are dedicated to seeking living in dreamy part of music with no future or past. Just
a artificial dreamland moment that is lost with distractions or when music ends.

Much of entertainment industry offers idea that lack of self control is fun and good. Including rap
music with hostility towards police, laws and women. Common themes in entertainment are uncontrollable anger, drug cravings, laziness (but also keeping self busy to be sleep deprived), lust, greed for money/power and self glorification etc. 

Common motto "work hard, party/play hard" is easy way to break person into very incomplete fragments. "Work hard" tends to instill robotic worker mentality that gives all it can to serve bosses and other makes them wasteful partying consumers who spend what money they could to make that days party bit more fun. Why care of costs if it's for supposedly creating happy memories even if person that lives by that motto feel incomplete or even failures (no money to keep partying fragments going) if they can't drink themselves to blackouts.

Media can also control overlords that control governments by creating sense of scary forces that except certain things from them so even most powerful people in their planning and thinking negotiate around perceived dangers and serious rules even if they don't exist. Dictators and politicians could also be influenced like that.

Personal experiences with personality "fragmentation"

To me a powerful subtle idea happened to be that i should not try to be one stereotype/fragments at time but to try and kinda stare them all. Somehow this mindset reduces my desires to take sedatives, coffee etc. And in week the average daily amount reduced by about half which is improvement but far from sober lifestyle. Maybe because trying to suppress memories causes anxiety as whenever i tried to pretend something obvious doesn't exist (like any number or object). Also i started skipping viewpoints like life goes either through sedated times or unsedated stressful times. Within same it felt like awakening from subtle tunnel vision while gaining ability to notice such fragmented tunnels in other people who live circle around those without getting where they want to be.

Update 15.05.2014

Potential of mental "fragmentation" could arise from huge brain mass considering tiny bugs with less than million neurons can also often have enough instincts to survive and chase many rewards. Human brain weigh about as much as 2000-3000 mouse brains or slightly over 10 wolf brains so it kinda makes sense why people can have competing complex behaviors within same skull competing over who gets to control body. Each habit may in brain involve group of diverse neurons obsessed over certain reward or punishment with connections to sensory memory which knows how to recognize rewards or dangers and they each may dominate if other simple fragments don't override impulses.     

Controlling which part of behavior gets to come out is bit like controlling herd. Swarms of bugs, mice and wolves can all be spooked, stirred or awakened by many stimuli commonly used in parades or media like loud sounds, flashy colors, symmetry, wild uninhibited behaviors or quickly changing experiences. Such entertainment often causes trance or semi-sleep type state where people become more passive with exception to whatever media tells them to worry about as this mental fragment is awakened and nurtured by promises of rewards and other things really don't matter. Forming superego to control animalistic impulses is bit like manufacturing simplistic bug or mouse type impulses that obsess about not doing certain things. Like hivemind within that considers longer term suffering and joys. Controllers often try to make people obsess in tunnel visions which circulate to the benefit of
rulers.  To bypass this inner censor media, religions and governments create apathy to all but whatever those controlling factions want. Simplest and most hated way to achieve controlled apathy is by creating dictatorships where death threats make people uncaring to most things as survival is highest priority and they know only way to survive is to have automatic responses that rulers demand which then control body from within like piece of ruling overmind. But similar apathy can also be created by religions where infinite pleasures or sufferings in afterlife or idea of infinite god tend to make people apathetic towards surrounding world even if they are supposed to admire what god created. Desperate poverty may not help with political rule but it makes people in general more like animals who are willing to do desperate things.
Maybe nicest way to control masses is through love for nonopressive goals (so love for self serving businesses or governments is not good enough) by loving something ok as love is about as strong motivator as fear and love can also make people feel apathetic towards most things but also willing to risk death. Curiosity may have potential as people and many animals risk death with their curiosities. 
More materialistic and sleazier tactics are in ads where advertisers often insinuate life is missing out important parts and more pointless without their product or service. "Heroes" who make people feel more insignificant can also make them more apathetic towards their own life and let some habit take over their lives (including musicians in memorable songs who's tunes keep looping in thoughts of many).
Selfish impulses may overtake if people get convinced that everyone only cares for self only so selfish desires are most right in way or maybe only way to survive at all. But same logic could justify decent nice behavior as those help with survival also as some die because they were too selfish towards others. 
Mass gatherings make people feel very feeble when they think of going against what crowd leaders demand while feeling stronger when doing what crowd demanded.
Apathy can easily arise on depressing minimum wage jobs which tend to be extra exhausting by having early work start, long days and arbitrary unfair punishments to create maximum apathy towards horrible conditions.  
Knowing how to harness apathy to selectively create impulses is easy way to feel like new level of awakening from a dream or nightmare rulers were offering. At least to me these thoughts on apathy felt like new type of awakening (between 5 and 15th may) i never had and which keeps evolving daily so it feels like schooling ad and political advisory people within month seems feasible if they didn't mind using wisdom for cynical gains.
Sedating masses may be as easy as giving them stress and providing sedating dreamland to escape through either media and/or drugs. 

After apathy is in place the animalistic urges can be awakened with pro or anti messages towards urge. For example people think of sex either with strippers or on event where women have to cover totally because horniness is so uncontrollable. People start thinking about eating no matter if message is about eating or not eating and losing weight. Drinkers get cravings with both alcohol ads or when listening to why they should not drink. Losing or gaining love both awaken fantasies about gaining love. Same with respect and pride. Sense of being on pedestal can also pacify and cause passivity but also stress about losing high position. These tiny brain parts don't care much if sensory stimuli was pro or against something as long it was reminded. 

Headaches can be planted by considering those come if people think of very conflicting emotions or think of base truths many of their beliefs rely on and think these bases may be wrong. Personally i get slight headache even when i try to imagine that atoms were instead random toys or that gravity pushes things parallel to horizon. Simple laws are physics are what people use to draw their ideas of universe and changing those ideas may be example of many-many memories being repressed while knowing them to be true. Repressing obvious truth feels almost like part of self is struggling or drowning (if drowning could keep on going for decades if truth needs to be repressed that long) and by lying to self about  base truths like gravity involves repressing all memories associated with gravity which in total don't only feel like inner struggling but more like migraine headaches with inner struggling almost like flashing and brain twitching.

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