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Tree of life and tree of death

   Tree of life

Above picture has tree of life and its overall connections. On tree of death they are usually replaced by something very different or opposite. At least personally i feel things described on tree of life, if truthful, add up to government that is relatively easy to like. Tree of death usually describes attributes and behaviors that are common with most horrible governments. Sometimes tree of death is called shadow for tree of life and there are many examples in history where rulers claiming to run their territory through attributes which happen to be on tree of life while in shadow they were something way worse and closer to what was on tree of death. In Cabalistic views tree of death (or Kelipot or Qliphoth) are names for "tree" that usually represent evil or impure forces while tree of life represents good or pure forces. Tree of life usually includes honest and balanced power while tree of death involves unbalanced destructive and dishonest behaviors but there are many interpretations of what these trees mean but i used versions that felt most close to describing reality. Interpretations usually describe something coming from God and moving down on tree of life gets to things that are increasingly less direct emanations of God. God according to Kabbalah (and many monotheistic religions) is often described as some infinity that was source to all that is.

God in this view is above this tree and "crown" on top of the tree is often described as incomprehensible and most hidden of hidden things in Zohar (group of books that are foundational work to ideas known as Kabbalah and source to those 2 trees). Crown is between God and wisdom/understanding. Next level below it is intellectual having components like understanding and wisdom. Understanding involves rational thinking but wisdom part represents ideas that come through inspiration or "come from nothingness". Below them are more emotional levels that depend on understanding and wisdom. Chesed can include trying to live good life characterized by kind and merciful behavior. Gevurah (strength or severity) relates to strict following of law, awe and judgement. Tiferet is described as beauty, compassion, balance, integration and it is balancing between severity and kindness. Occasionally tree of life is shown with Daas/Da'at in middle of previously mentioned 6 Sephirots. In Daas all sephirahs are in state of sharing. Netzach/eternity involves long suffering, patience and endurance for completing something. Hod includes majesty and self restraint. Malkuth is usually described as material world itself. Yesod is partly connector between material world and behavioral/intellectual higher sephirots.

Middle sephirahs usually mean something that connect. Left side involves things that follow rules while right side is more caring and less ordered by rules.

Lack of balance in tree of life could leads closer to Qliphoth. For example strength without chesod (mercy or loving-kindness) can lead to murderous nightmarish society. Splendor without patience/endurance is relatively unstable and lack of splendor next to netzach can lead to sense of suffering for no payoff.

                                                                       Qliphoth/tree of death

Top of death of tree has "thaumiel" which represents dual competing forces which are illustrated by 2 headed monster ruled by satan.
In place of wisdom it has ghagiel which has demons called hinderers who are described as black giants with serpents around them who are stuck on lying appearances.
In place of understanding it has sathariel (concealment of God) in the form of black veiled horned demons with ugly eyes and centaurs following behind demons. Its outer layer is black labyrinth with chaotic riddles and which is ruled by demon from hell's government.
Instead of loving-kindness it has gamchicoth (devourers) who are disturbers of all things and who seek to waste the substance and thought of creation. They are sometimes shown as black cat headed giants.
Instead of strength it has golachab (burning bodies) which destroys even destroyers destroy themselves in process. While strength was representing destruction of unlawful and unnecessary thing golachab is more extreme form of it unhindered by kindness. Golachab is more tyrannical and kills all dissenters/opponents.
Instead of beauty it has thagirion (disputers) which creates ugliness and groans about it. They are symbolized by black giants that constantly work against each other. Instead of balancing this part maintains ugly and destructive forces.
Instead of netzach it has harab serapel which are ravens of death or dispersion that reject even their own. While related to endurance or netzach it is not balanced by majesty and self control of hod so it becomes more chaotic and scatters efforts. Also lack of restrictions for enduring efforts can mean work is done to achieve that is in no way majestic or splendid and can include all crimes which need patience.
Instead of hod it has samael which means angel of death but also desolation and failed creation.
Instead of yesod it has gamaiel which are misshapen polluted images which produce terrible results. Yesod involves final place where plans materialize but in gamaiel those plans are too misshapen to not materialize into terrible results.
Instead of kingdom it has whisperers who frighten and create strange desires.

Behaviors described in tree of death are what typical tyrannical place usually do. Also "death" in name of that tree is not just name but also real result of what happens if rulers are forced to obey what is on that tree. Some governments produce too misshapen visions and plans to not cause mess or widespread deaths (like soviet farming reforms or great leap forward or some reassuring vision of military victory). Due to paranoia and constant suspicions many people reject their own. Murderous anger is against almost all other countries with some claiming that own people can die as long they get to kill enough of others. Ugliness is created in large amounts and groaned about like with false flag operations, agents creating other ugliness or lying propaganda as long it keeps people in murderous mood. Waste is common and production is largely concentrated on destructive military equipment and away from creative thoughts. Truth is hidden in labyrinths of chaotic riddles in system ran by those worthy of title of hell's governors. Those near top are surrounded by sneaky serpents and stuck on lying appearances unless they are ok with dying for being honest. Opposition is usually killed. "Kingdom" is partly supported by swarm of propagandist/whisperers who frighten and work to create strange desires. Nowadays internet commenters could be sort of whisperers. They quietly and anonymously give weird thoughts like some behavior in other country being excuse to be at war with others plus treat them as subhumans but at same time it gives them some right to do same crimes as other governments in history and logic bypass attempts usually involve emotional statements.

Reason why i added appearance of demons was that some of them have been showing up on widely around world in media and in governmental flags for centuries although schooling systems around world have been skipping connections with Kabbalah. Black cat heads can often be found on those who's job is to waste time like pop musicians. Cat being associated with wasting could be reason why media sometimes jokes that internet is mostly cats.

Most common and serious creature described on that tree is 2 headed demon which seems to be 2 headed eagle on flags on many European countries that seem to be tree of death puppets. In other parts of world pentagram tends to be symbol of wasteful, militaristic, corrupt and otherwise hellish governments.
For example russian flags often have 2 headed eagle. Their military branches have those creatures also, including their branch which has nuclear arsenal.
Wars in Europe have been rare but areas with those 2 headed monsters keep on reigniting to this day. For example Balkan wars where those involved have or used to have 2 headed eagles on some of the flags. Flag of Serbia above is still currently in use. Yugoslavia used to have similar ones up to 1941. Kosovo had that eagle on flag until 2007. Albania has it to present time.

Armenian coat of arms has small version of that eagle within it and military unrest included shooting down helicopter even in 12. November 2014 by separatists whose flag has 1 headed eagle.

Flag of "Donetsk republic" which is political party founded in 2005. They were involved in starting armed uprising in eastern Ukraine.

After taking over city in 2014 they declared their republic there and mostly kept the flag design although they adjusted flag by making eagles shut their mouths and removed their legs and globus cruciger. Also angelic creature in middle got more bat like (sharper) wings which thaumiel demon was supposed to have. Even one militant grouping was named batman battalion with leader that had nickname "batman". Resulting "republics" in eastern Ukraine occasionally get attention with soviet era death penalty laws being allowed for small things. Death from rules and/or chaos will be practically acceptable for something part of tree of death. Deaths are only tragedies in their media if it helps agitate more people to fight but death will not matter or will get cheered if caring would get in way of killing. Considering what this 2 headed creature means on flag of any area, it would be almost certain that this area is going to have ongoing fighting, violent purges, endless violently "outraged" mobs that attack critics of government, governments complaints about ugliness it creates (but blames on dissenters) as excuse for killing, for as long this flag is what local government uses.

Predictably those who publicly serve death tree are going to be and stay miserable as visible in faces of most "pro-russian" protesters. Almost only ones with happy calm places are holding their kids in front of themselves. Most are grimacing or looking sad. Many have their faces covered by masks to not show how they feel in their fight.

As death tree slaves are doing bad job at looking happy their sadness and anger/frustration is used in form of wailing women or angry protesters that repeat same lies. They are serving something that is supposed to end life in any way including taking away will to live. If they are suicidal or drink themselves to death or feel entitled to practice fighting on minorities then it still proves tree delivers what name hints at. Their honey traps  would be prostituting themselves to prolong this misery and like agents and soldiers they risk and likely lose their lives to keep their glorious homeland under this hell government for longer. Any change for better would probably be fought against in their media as some decline towards hell or death to all even though prolonging what they live under is much more likely to cause that.

Common feature of countries with pentagrams or eagles (with one or 2 heads) is that they usually spend much of their money on weaponry no matter how poor most people are. At least top 2 weapon exporting countries have those symbols on their flags. They could be exporting other unhealthy and deadly products like alcohol or just enslaving economic systems that ruins lives for cheaper production costs (labels barely matter if economic system involves treating workers as worthless slaves who's role is to serve with minimum wage for the benefit of thankless outsiders whose attitudes are reinforced typically by lies like for example that slaves are worthless parasites and getting more money than they help make for their bosses). Commonly they also export huge amounts of fossil fuels which are basically long dead lifeforms but at least it doesn't profit from deaths of those who still live as much as wars although mining and refining those fuels does kill along with armed conflicts to get control over mining or drilling areas.

These tree of death behaviors can be what overlords of countries used to show off which country they managed to enslave. Profits often don't stay to locals. Taxes are avoided in many ways. From russia oligarchs move profits to buy some of the most expensive real estate in more western countries. From USA profits that taxpayers through subsidies or clients helped add can just disappear to some foreign country where profits don't get taxed. Just because overlords have several slave countries with similar symbols and worker benefits and ruler parasitism doesn't protect them from other slave countries as wars or deadly events are core features of this system and rulers probably feel safer knowing that slaves are busy fighting each other with paranoid armed forces controlling slaves with excuse of protecting common people. Most would be too busy worrying about how to not appear on wrong side in public war. This creates plenty of mutual hatred to keep various groups hostile towards each other for generations so they would not be in mood to get along and potentially ally against overlords who exploited them (sort of large scale trauma based mind control). There is no "superpower" country strong enough to not be enslaved and repressed by wars where people have to join the fight or be labelled traitors. Inner rebellions are further agitated by making countries do opposite of what they promise. Freedom spreading by USA involves helping companies get useful chaos and desperate poverty along with undemocratic local rulers while in russia claims of being anti fascist are undermined by funding right wingers in EU countries, praising their own nation as some master race who should run more of the world and rule surrounding "subhumans" and being violent against other races. As their main excuse for invading has been either Islamic terrorism or nazis then it gives them incentive to get people to seemingly belong to one of those groups. Even couple guys with swastikas could be used by their politicians, media and shills to justify war even if those guys got paid millions to dress as nazis. This creates incentives for russian pro-expansionist factions to be major funders for any nazi group. Gaining additional countries or even few towns to rob and loot and abduct slave labor would be enough to make those expenses back. Troops could get their salary by searching every house, rob those and new police would cover for robbers. Also having general chaos/lawlessness is cheap (not by costs in lives) to maintain and is easy way of making people desperately crave for order stability even if it comes from "strongman" running their lives and giving up rights to speak against government in public although why should rulers give them order if that takes excuse to oppress 100+ million people.
Using ancient symbols by them could give outsiders feelings that maybe rulers are part of same group that ruled since time the symbol first got added. This reduces hope that shadowy group could be defeated even if in reality millions of separate independent groups through millennia may have been using those for looking bigger and more unstoppable.

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