Thursday, July 5, 2012

Criticism of grandiosity and emotional intensity

One problem with living in grandiosity and endless drama is that it`s hard for emotions to keep it going and emotions can become tired to the point of depression about most daily activities as they don`t seem important compared to usual intense thoughts.

Grandiose ideas about complexities may scare into not trying to learn or understand something. I can`t motivate myself for long by forcing myself to having enthusiasm but calm planning seems to last longer in thoughts and motivate in more productive way.

Decision to divide everything in reality to endlessly important or pointless is a mistake many spiritualists make when they try to convince themselves and others that anything earthly is pointless or bad and anything spiritualist sounding is always deep and important. One way it causes problems is anger from others that hear these lectures and don`t like how their life work is declared useless by some proudly unemployed new age dreamer who may one day start to beg, cheat or rob to avoid becoming homeless. Such people may be depressing to be around as the surrounding is still earthly and material and they may have some Pavlovian reaction to be negative about materials stuff.
Almost nothing in everyday life feels intense compared to endless happiness in paradise and that can add depression along with grumpiness due to always present material reality interfering with fantasies of perfection that supposedly exists but never gets recorded by cameras.This can also turn into habit of not trusting what is front of camera and believing what doesn`t get recorded.

Maybe most common example of hoping too much from grandiosity is partying with alcohol and lack of sleep. Both ethanol and lack of sleep cause numb lack of emotions that seems to motivate people into doing dangerous things. Drunk people may not care abut standards they had while sober and that causes may lead to lower standards with sex partners, risky behavior in traffic or just risking to show off their drunken bravery. Most drunken yelling people i know seemed to have belief that it somehow means they are happy. This behavior can ruin the sleep for other and if people can`t sleep they will feel much less joy and enthusiasm in the next day.

One common grandiose fantasy is that many sex partners make happy life. Maybe TV shows give this idea because almost every series where characters supposedly have sex also tend to have partners switching almost every episode like nothing happened (typical reset in at least comedy shows) and these characters will look happy like anyone who got paid well not someone who thinks about biological risks or jealousy in this lifestyle.

Because media outlets compete with each other they usually add emotional importance for attention. Some use scary or too optimistic misleading titles. For example as long as i remember economy in media has been described to exist in 2 opposite states - collapsed/near collapse or booming/flourishing even if those 2 opposites seem to switch by next day. Such selfish behavior by media could obviously cause huge amounts of stress or false hope without any basis. 

Comedians and entertainers are some of the people that almost have to think about intensely emotional things for living and it is hard to think about funny things in sleep or angry mood. Some try keep enthusiasm going with stimulants, often clapping audience or hired co-workers who praise them. In case of musicians this may also include many sex partners or destruction of property.

One notable example of intense emotions and grandiosity adding problems can be seen in life of GG Allin. Outside his shows he tended to behave like most other people but during his shows he got naked, attacked audience, threw his feces and drag women against his naked crotch.
Hated: GG Allin and murder junkies (if that link doesn`t work then YouTube has many other copies of this documentary). Several people in his band and audience also showed some scandalous attitudes. Mostly they looked poor and with attitude that keeps them lonely.
Like his father he was lonely and tried to do something big. His father who named him Jesus Christ Allin wanted a mass suicide with at least GG Allin and his brother dying. One earliest outbursts of Allin showed in this movie was mentioned by his schoolmates. GG didn`t want to take drugs but his brother gave him LSD secretly. Allin got angry threatening to kill his brother and tried to brake walls. 
Interview with his mother (1,2). Father seemed unpopular eccentric similar to GG and mother seemed to praise or be ok with almost everything GG did including having 12 year old girl-friend while he was 16 or 17. At some point in the "Hated" documentary an old acquaintance said GG was like his father in sense they both were unpopular loners who didn't care what others thought about them. Also both were somewhat obsessed with suicides. Alcohol and heroin he used seemed to add some extreme behavior.

Pretended extreme emotions can give unrealistic expectations about how emotional should people be and add to depression. Even countries with high suicide rates usually have very emotional media that uses more intensely emotional facial expressions and jumpiness than in USA. Entertainers in Japan and South Korea tend to use more unrealistic amount of emotions than US. In Russia media is often very grim, serious, dramatic or creepy like producers were competing who could stress or scare more viewers. Similar problems could be going on in China and other less free states where people are scared into having certain political views. France has also high suicide rates and in their media there is tendency to be very artsy or glamorous than in most (or any) other country.

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