Sunday, June 17, 2012


Psychological manipulations and deceptions published to mess with people always have visible parts that can also be used to predict what someone wants to achieve with this. It applies to any government or organization or single person that tries to influence wide audience. Even if they hire secret agents that deny any co-operation it will still be noticeable that certain rumor starters say lies that may serve one side very consistently. In case of hiring people that supposedly help opposite side it can become obvious in first minutes that they try to make one side look idiotic and corrupt at the same time.

That's also one weakness all secret political conspiracies have when they reach news. For example defenders of totalitarian systems may talk about loyalty and enthusiasm but it is public knowledge that in such places as soviet union and all socialist states around it have/had death penalty for disobedience. And like in North Korea also extended family could die or get imprisoned for even acts like ruining a photo of dictator. Dictators probably wouldn't use such brutal rules if they could feel safe without them and wouldn't have to worry about unhappy rioters ending their rule.
To hide dissent rulers may ban any work that may create desire for different rule saying that they banned because it would not make enough money or too insignificant etc. and again people in at least free countries can see that these banned works have messages that may be considered risky for dictator.

Emotions are hard to hide by anyone but during lying unwanted emotions could immediately be blamed on something else.
For example if someone, like lawyer to murderer, knows they are lying to hide a disgusting murderer then they could say that they show disgust because witness was lying to ruin the life of a good person.

Stupid stubborn behavior is more tolerated than self aware lying. That's probably why most more famous liars tend to add some stuff that would make them look insane and protect them as insanity defense. Hired frauds may play dumb but pretended or paid stupidity can last unnaturally long in face of evidence.

Some frauds may say that they won't humiliate themselves by showing evidence that they are right. Of course it's humiliating if they know that evidence is against them and they could still deceive people to admire or pay them.

Illusion of control over universe may be given by showing brave optimist who succeeded and convincing people that sending out wish to universe made it happen and not real useful self improvements that frauds don't know about. Pseudo-scientific texts involving words from quantum physics often say that thoughts can control universe.

Illusion of divine trance can also be given with music and for example music for pleasure is discouraged for Mormons although they are permitted to enjoy religious music so they may be fooled to think their religious music has special powers or divine aspect.

Frauds may lie that their teachings can make someone immune to bad emotions or give them complete self control but it won't be realistic. Similarly to drug use emotions have limits on how much and long you can feel them before withdrawal like opposite feeling start to disturb. Religions and cults that supposedly can fix bad emotions may hide their inadequacies by creating enemies that predictably happen to be these who don't believe their lies and self promotions. Religious sermon may start about getting humble and loving but it may slowly drift to stories about nonbelievers causing all the problems religion hasn't fixed and these different people cause deaths indirectly hinting that killing them may solve believers problems.

Derren Brown (clip) used indirect thought planting to make people draw concentric circles or Stonehenge by letting people think about seeing parts of British Isles from different distances (moving further from start point with new areas covering all previously mentioned areas). Also while telling that he asked people to supposedly send thoughts in psychic way although it probably helped that during that time they were told to look TV screen where camera had zoomed very close to eyes which also have concentric circles and kept showing closeup of eyes while people drew what they chose.

Several tricks done by Derren may have been done by admitting quietly to random person that they are making a show and would like if they'd play along.

Maybe his paying with paper used type of this trickery. Salespeople mostly seemed to accept white paper instead of money even if Derren bought a 4500 dollar item. He could easily have text on these papers saying that they are doing a show and would pay them soon. For extra trust these papers could mention that brightly dressed person standing on other side of road was their cameramen. Jewelry thieves may also use this trick by saying they are doing a show. If thief sees innocent bystander who stood too long near shop then they may describe bystanders dressing on paper and quickly try to defraud the salespeople by telling bystander was a camera operator. 

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